Keys to writing the perfect cover letter for your resume

Cover letters are the perfect complement to your resume. More and more job offers are requiring them, and, although there are still some companies that do not specifically ask for it, it is always convenient to send it.

cover letter offers the possibility of presenting yourself in more detail, commenting in depth on the work and personal experiences you have had and focusing on those aspects that interest you to highlight. It has a similar purpose to the job interview, after all it is still a means for the company to know you and value you, but it offers the benefit that you can write it in a more leisurely and relaxed way, selecting those aspects that differentiate you from the rest. In short: it is that space you have to convince the company that you are the person they are looking for.

In the same way that we must adapt the curriculum to the job offer, it is important to know what type of cover letter will be the most appropriate to achieve your goal. Therefore, today we leave you all the keys you need to write that letter that will make you get hired.

We start with some general recommendations

There are some basic aspects that are fundamental and common to all types of cover letters:

  • On the internet there are plenty of templates to make a good cover letter. You can choose the model that you like the most or you can write it yourself from scratch. The important thing is that it is personal, honest and that it allows the interviewer to form an idea of you. And don’t forget the most important thing: be clear, concise and direct.
  • Find out as much as possible about the company you contact to understand their needs and know what are the skills in which you have to put more focus and thus, awaken their interest. This will make the interview easier for you and prove your worth.

Types of cover letter

Fundamentally there are two large groups. Keep in mind that writing in response to an already published ad is not the same as writing to apply to a company for a self-candidacy. In addition, the content of the cover letter will vary depending on the job offer you are applying to. Next, we solve all your doubts based on these two scenarios:

1. Cover letter in response to an announcement

This is probably the simplest model. If the job offer is well drafted, you will find in it many of the keys you need to prepare the cover letter. It will give you details of both the company and the position, and you will be able to know what personal experiences you have to focus on. Read the offer carefully to find out what knowledge, skills and aptitudes are essential requirements for the position, and what other aspects of your personality you can add as a complement. Structure them in a draft and include them in the letter.

2. Letter of introduction of self-candidacy

These types of cover letters are those that are sent directly to that company in which you are interested, making you known even though there is no job offer published.

In this case, it is more important that you have informed yourself in depth about the company, showing that you know its trajectory and values. In this way, you will better understand what they need and know how to convey that you are the perfect person. It is important that you reflect the reasons why you want to work in that company and not in another. In this sense, we advise you to include some achievement that the company has achieved. You will show maximum interest in it!

There is no doubt, a good cover letter sent with your resume, will multiply your chances to close an interview. You already have all the information to elaborate it according to each work situation you face With all these tips, you will have no problem getting recruiters to notice you and want to know you personally!

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