5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

Being summoned for an interview after signing up for a job offer means you’re one step closer to your next career change. But that time has not yet come.

How you perform during the interview can mean the difference between getting the job and not being successful.

Make sure you don’t fall for the five mistakes that job search professionals make the most:

1. Not investigating enough

Getting information about the company you’re applying for a job for will take a while, but you need to be prepared to invest the time necessary if you want to get through the interview successfully. Based on our experience, some candidates do not do in-depth research.

It is very important that you can talk confidently and intelligently about what the company that could hire you is doing. You should have company-specific information, including:

  • Your history, financial situation, mission and products/services
  • The market in which it operates
  • Main competitors

2. Not being specific in your answers

You’re more than likely to be asked about why you want the job or work for their company or organization. When your interviewer asks you these types of questions, you should answer concisely and not talk in general terms about why you would like to get a job in this sector or area. If you are not able to clearly explain why you want this particular job, you will discourage the hiring company.

Instead, you should show enthusiasm and talk specifically about the aspects that appeal to you about the company, such as its products or reputation, or the main responsibilities of the position.

3. Not knowing your CV in detail

You don’t have to memorize every word of your CV, but you do have to feel comfortable talking in detail about what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved, and why your career decisions.

Therefore, review your CV before the interview and practice how you would respond to possible questions related to the information you have provided in your resume. The bottom line is that you make sure you relate your accomplishments to the job you’re being interviewed for.

4. Criticize previous companies or jobs

No matter how tempting, it’s not appropriate to make derogatory comments about your current company and/or boss, or those you’ve worked with in the past. It’s okay to talk about it with your friends, but it’s not convenient when you’re trying to convince a company to hire you for a job.

The interviewer will not get to know in depth the background that caused the disagreement between you and your company, and you can also give rise to being asked uncomfortable questions. Instead, try to find the positive aspects of your career path and focus on them.

5. Being too close during the interview

Don’t fall into the trap of being too close to your interviewer, no matter how relaxed you may feel. An interview is one of the most formal work situations you’re likely to find yourself in. Being familiar and joking will rarely help you get the job.

It’s important to be kind, nice, and demonstrate your interpersonal skills, but you should be professional at all times, even when you feel like you’re building a good relationship with the interviewer.

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