Find a company to suit you

It’s not easy to find a good job. Most candidates expect a “perfect” job with market-leading remuneration that truly corresponds to their technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. But have you stopped to think and evaluate if your organization’s values are in line with yours? Take your time and do it. So you can know if it is really your ideal job.

What is a corporate culture?

Organizational culture, institutional culture, corporate culture or business culture, are some of the expressions used to designate a certain concept of culture – which understands as the set of experiences, habits, customs, beliefs and values applied to the scope of an organization, company or business.

Why is it important?

Here are some reasons:

  • Productivity increases in a comfortable environment
  • Your professional development and growth is much more positive by sharing the work environment with people who are like-minded to your values.
  • Most organizations emphasize teamwork; if you don’t get along with your team, it can affect the level of your work and productivity.

What would work best for you?

Before you can evaluate a company’s culture, you need to know what kind of environment you’re most comfortable in and where you might evolve the most. Are you looking for a more institutional corporate environment? Or something more creative? There is no single answer! You are the only one who knows what factors you need to find the best company that fits your values.


Check the company’s website. An interactive page with an optimal customer browsing experience is indicative of an organization that values customers online and is likely to invest in its online marketing department.

When attending the interview, focus on the environment. Is the office open and does it foster a social environment? If so, they are likely to encourage teamwork. However, an office with numerous independent cubicles probably revolves more around individual work.

And as for the dress code, is it formal? If you want to work in a creative environment, you may feel more comfortable if the dress code is casual. During the interview, ask about the purpose and mission of the company. Is it a company that focuses solely on making a profit, is it a socially responsible company?

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