Jobs that will end up being computerized

Two scientists and researchers from Oxford Martin School, Dr Carl Benedikt Frey (Oxford Martin School) and Dr Michael A. Osborne (Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford) claim that 47% of the world’s workers are at risk of being replaced by a machine in the next two decades.

The studies have been developed by analyzing 702 different professions and their relationship with technology to see which were the ones that were most likely to disappear, taking note of the types of tasks that workers perform and the skills required as well as the obstacles that currently prevent computer engineering, the researchers evaluated the degree to which these occupations can be automated in the coming decades.

The main conclusions:

  • The professions that are most at risk are low-skilled jobs, which perform routine, automatic and technical tasks that do not require special skill, preparation or imagination.
  • Workers in the transport and construction sectors are most at risk, behind administrative positions, cashiers and vendors.
  • The latter are already beginning to happen, since more and more supermarkets and establishments are replacing cashiers and sellers with boxes in which the customer is in charge of scanning and paying for their own purchase. Banks are also closing branches due to the possibility of doing banking procedures online through the internet.
  • Surgeons, choreographers, dentists, or preschool teachers are irreplaceable, since it seems that the professions that require a greater educational background or level of studies are the least computerization.

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