Tips and keys on how to prepare to attend and stand out at job fairs

Job Fairs and Events What is a Job Fair and what is it for?

job fair is an event, face-to-face or online, that serves for companies and candidates to meet and exchange information. Companies often focus on explaining who they are, what they do and what they are looking for, while candidates take the opportunity to deliver their resume and sell themselves. All this usually happens in large spaces where companies have their own stands installed. Attendance is free for candidates and, normally, it is enough to register in advance to attend.

Companies usually pay to attend these job fairs and their main objective is to recruit candidates for their vacant positions.

How to prepare to go and stand out at a job fair?

It is not enough to attend, the most important thing is to make the best possible impression in the face of the recruiters, employment technicians and human resources managers that you will find at job fairs. Knowing how to prepare well to attend and stand out at these events will give you greater chances of success.

That is why we are going to give you a series of key tips that will be of great help.

– Collect information

Locate the website of the event, look for the list of participating companies and find out more about them. Search company websites or LinkedIn for the names of people who work in their HR or Selection departments.

Find out about the schedules and topics of conferences, workshops and talks by experts and companies, to attend those that are really of your interest.

– Register

Do not forget to register in advance of the job fair, as sometimes it could be an essential requirement and maybe there is a deadline to do so.

– Curriculum

Bring several copies of your resume and, if you intend to apply as a candidate for various job offers for different companies, make sure that each resume is adapted and focused on the company to which you will present your candidacy.

– Business cards

Although they are usually used more in business environments, it would not hurt to carry some with your name, professional networks, telephone and, if possible, photography. You can easily prepare them on free pages such as Canva or Crello.

– Costumes and other elements

Choose well the wardrobe you are going to wear and the material you will need (RESUME, notebook, pen, etc.), all of them in order to make a good impression and to have the necessary elements to take notes.

– Personal hygiene

We know it doesn’t need to be said, but just in case. Try to go, not only dressed according to the position you aspire to, but also well groomed. Use a good anti-breathable deodorant in summer and perfume yourself. The first impression is the one that counts!

– Elevator Pitch

Prepare a short presentation “Elevator Pitch” to sell yourself in a maximum of 30 seconds. Remember that you must present yourself transmitting calm and maintaining eye contact, showing yourself smiling and with a positive attitude. This will help you make a good impression on human resource managers.

– Social media

Something very important is to make sure that you do not have any compromised publication on your social networks, so we advise you to have these in private mode, since it is common for recruiters or selection technicians to search the internet for any information about you.

– Photos

The photos, both of your resume and your profiles, whether they are from whatsapp, social networks or others, should not be compromised, which does not mean that they can not be relaxed.

– LinkedIn

It denotes a lot of professionalism to have a good LinkedIn profile, well worked and structured. The photo of this one must convey professionalism. Remember that it is a professional network.

– Doubts and questions

Prepare your doubts in advance and bring open questions to ask the selectors who are at the stands:

EXAMPLE: I have seen that you are looking for an X, can you provide me with more information?

EXAMPLE: I have seen that you are looking for young people without experience, what exactly are they looking for?

EXAMPLE: I have been able to see that they have offices abroad, what are there possibilities of geographical mobility?

Show interest

Demonstrates interest in the company and its activity by asking for brochures, links and any other relevant information offered by the company.

Tips on what to do at a job fair

That said, once you’re already at the job fair, try to adopt a positive attitude, one that conveys confidence. Smile and speak calmly, without cutting off the other when speaking. It is as important to know what to say as to know how to listen.

Be punctual and do not arrive in a hurry, as that will negatively influence your mood and the employment technicians will be attentive to every detail.

It is not advisable to go with relatives or people who are not looking for job offers, that is, do not go with your mother or father, since that will denote dependence and insecurity in yourself, or with colleagues, since you will not focus on what is really important.

Make the most of the job fair and go to as many events as possible to provide you with relevant information about selection processes, techniques and keys to achieve a job and other tips that help you in your professional development. Take notes and write down all the information of interest.

Demonstrates interest in the company and its activity by asking for brochures, links and any other relevant information offered by the company.

Keys to what to do after attending a job fair

After each meeting, write down information about the company, the contact that has served you, the selection processes they have open and request contact on LinkedIn.

Write emails/thank you letters and, whether you were able to deliver your CV or not, submit or attach your CV again. This will confirm your interest and give you the opportunity to highlight those strengths that you have forgotten to comment on at the fair.

Organize the information of companies and contacts to be able to use it in the future if a vacancy arises that may be of interest to you. Send your CV updated from time to time.

From Empléate con Talento we trust that this information will be very useful and if you think that these tips and keys may be of interest to others, do not hesitate to share this page and recommend us.

We wish, from the heart, that you have a prosperous professional career and that you achieve as many successes as you set for yourself.

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