Find your first job with no experience

Are you facing a job search for the first time? In that case, you’ve probably already realized that a lack of professional experience can limit your chances of accessing much of the offers.

The good news is that more and more companies are betting on hiring for potential. Do you know what it is? Basically, it is about putting the focus on the skills and competences of the candidates above their professional experience. In a future in which it seems that change will be the only constant, this approach makes sense since the skills that allow the professional to adapt to new circumstances will be as much or more decisive than past experiences.

Stand out from the crowd and value your skills

Do you want to know how to increase your chances of success in the search for your first job? Here are some of our recommendations:

• Set yourself a goal. Are you clear about what kind of job and organization you are looking for? The first step should always be to reflect on how you would like to orient your professional career and what kind of skills and training you would need for it. From here and, in parallel to the job search, you can take the opportunity to reinforce those deficiencies that you detect by taking courses, attending webinars or events, etc.

• Commitment to creativity. Presenting yourself to companies in an original way is always a good opportunity to stand out among all candidates. Have you thought about using a different format? From a creative video resume, to the presentation through a careful info graphic or a CV with an original writing can make a difference and also serve to demonstrate some of your skills.

• Prioritize your skills. Generally, it is recommended to start the resume by professional experience. In this case, however, the goal should be to focus on potential, so it is important to highlight skills and competencies. Do you know what your strengths are? Perform an analysis that includes both your technical and soft skills and highlights those that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Keep in mind that there are some, such as digital skills, that a large part of young people possess and are highly valued by all types of companies.

• Get closer to the professional world. Sometimes the easiest way to access the labor market is through professional practices or training contracts. This type of formula allows the youngest to acquire professional experience and, in some cases, join the company with another type of contract when the internship period ends. Find out about your options to access this type of contract and offer your availability to companies if possible.

Apart from all the above, maintaining a positive attitude and motivation before the job search will help you achieve your goals, as well as face any setbacks that may arise during the process.

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