How to use your online reputation to find a job

Your online reputation has a very important role for job search. It is likely, that those responsible for HR. HH look at candidates’ social media profiles. So don’t be afraid and use this fact to your advantage. Create a professional profile that gives companies and recruitment consultants the opportunity to get to know you. Follow these steps to achieve a good online reputation.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to boost your online presence, since it is a social network developed specifically for professional networking. In it you can publish your CV, highlight your education and professional achievements; in addition to connecting with professionals in your sector. Be sure to upload an attractive and professional photo, write a short biography that catches the eye.

Beware of your private information

It is a fact that many HR managers are responsible for HR. HH will evaluate candidates through their social media profiles. Many people use Facebook as a platform to share personal photos, post status with their friends, respond to invitations to attend events… etc. Keep in mind that everything you post online can be found, so you should check your privacy settings so you know who can see what you post.

Create your website or write a blog

One way to boost your online reputation is to create your own website or blog. Your website can be about any topic that you are passionate about and in which you have experience. Being enthusiastic demonstrates creativity and proactivity, two characteristics that recruitment consultants look for. Remember to link your website or blog to your social networks and do not forget to participate in forums and communities that deal with related topics. Sometimes consultants visit these forums, so positive feedback can be beneficial.

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