In the job search your experience as a candidate counts

If there is one thing that guides our current lifestyle, it is immediacy. And it applies to personal life, leisure and even the search for employment. What do you expect when you sign up for a job board or an offer? At a general level, the new generations demand an easy experience that they can perform from any device and place.

Sitting in front of the computer and browsing for opportunities is now a thing of the past. Nowadays job searching can occur on public transport, while waiting for a friend or even from your bed; any free moment is susceptible to be exploited. Being able to access a mobile-optimized website is a determining factor to enjoy an improved experience.

Time is money

How much time would you like to spend on job searching? Probably as little as possible. And it is possible that, if to register in a job board or every time you apply to an offer you must invest more than a few minutes or fill in the same data over and over again, you finally decide to leave the process.

How could it improve your experience? The use of new technologies in job search websites, which allow you to automate part of the process, can significantly simplify and streamline this process and, with it, increase your satisfaction.

Offers just for you

Tired of receiving job offers that don’t fit your profile? Just as the consumer asks brands for a relationship based on personalization, you surely expect to receive only those positions that fit your experience, skills and expectations. Having to constantly filter in order to find opportunities of your interest can have a very negative impact on your experience and even assume that you decide to break the relationship with the brand.

At Page Personnel we are very aware of the importance of your experience as a candidate and that is why we have the Job Match tool. How does it work? You just have to upload your resume and Job Match analyzes the information, detects your skills and experience and contrasts them with the active job offers, showing you only those that fit your profile.

In any case, if you want to know more about the experience of candidates you can consult our latest study on what European candidates think about the selection processes. Are they too long? Are companies transparent enough during processes? What tools are used to assess candidates’ skills?

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