The 10 Requirements for a Successful Resume

A conscientiously crafted resume increases the chances of reaching the interview phase in a selection process and can, on occasion, determine access to a position. Do you want to guarantee that yours fits these characteristics? Check that you meet these 10 requirements.

Relevance vs. quantity of information

1. It should be borne in mind that a curriculum vitae must be a short document containing the essential information. When in doubt, it follows this maxim: its length should not exceed two pages.

2. If you’re thinking about including personal information, ask yourself the following question: is it relevant to the position? Avoid including details such as age, gender, or marital status.

3. Although adding a section on hobbies and personal interests can offer the recruiter valuable information about your profile, remember that it is a complementary aspect, so do not extend yourself.

Fundamentals: what should never be missing

4. Professional experience is the aspect that should have the most weight in a resume. It indicates the positions in reverse chronological order, offering more details of the most recent experiences and explaining any periods of inactivity.

5. Information about your professional experience should not remain a mere description of roles. Highlight the achievements, responsibilities and challenges you faced in each of them, if possible visually.

6. Academic training should also appear in reverse chronological order, giving greater prominence to the last stages of education. Don’t forget to indicate the institutions where you were trained.

7. Do you have additional training? Include your computer skills, language skills and any other training that is relevant to the position you are applying to.

8. References allow the company to confirm the information provided by the candidate before making a decision. Can you facilitate them? Indicate in your resume the possibility of providing them upon request.

A matter of style

9. The style of the resume should be objective: do not write in the first person and start sentences with verbs.

10. Do you want to offer a professional image? Make sure there are no typos on the document and you can even ask a third party to read it.

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