The 50 most common questions in a job interview

Who has not faced on occasion a job interview in which they have been asked questions to which they have not known what to answer or to which they answered incorrectly? The truth is that, although each job interview is different, there are questions that are more common than others and that is why we … Read more

How to Build a Winning Resume Step by Step

Table of Contents 1. What is a Resume? 2. How to develop a step-by-step RESUME and get interviews 3. Most common mistakes in the Curriculum 4. Free Word Resume Templates 1. What is a Resume? The curriculum is the document that brings together all the knowledge and experiences that a person has obtained and developed … Read more

How to successfully face a job interview

People often get nervous as soon as they hear about a job interview. Most of them worry more about the questions they will have to answer in the interview without taking into account that it is not only a test of knowledge, but also of behavior and honesty. It doesn’t matter where you studied, how many … Read more

Find a company to suit you

It’s not easy to find a good job. Most candidates expect a “perfect” job with market-leading remuneration that truly corresponds to their technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. But have you stopped to think and evaluate if your organization’s values are in line with yours? Take your time and do it. So you can know if … Read more

How do we behave when we look for a job?

There is no denying that the pandemic has changed the labor market, as we knew it until now. This new landscape has brought an increase in job seekers, and therefore, an increase in the number of applications for vacant positions. Given this situation, we have analyzed how candidates are behaving when applying for a job in … Read more